Water Resources

J3 provides engineering analysis and design for a wide range of water resources, water storage, and water supply projects.  These projects are often supported by the services described under Stormwater Management but often require a more extensive understanding of complex water supply issues and how they are affected by water rights and water law.  As a resource, water is unquestionably finite.  Therefore, it is imperative that the availability and quantity be determined and that its use be allocated in the most beneficial means possible.  To support this goal, J3 provides the following services specific to water resources projects:

  • Reservoir Studies
  • Probable Maximum Precipitation Analysis (PMP)
  • Principal and Emergency Spillway Configuration
  • Dam Breach Models
  • Incremental Damage Assessments
  • Well Permit Records Research
  • Head Gate / Stream Gage Records Research
  • Consumptive Use Projections
  • Water Diversion Analysis
  • Pipeline / Open Channel Design
  • Interpretation of Colorado Decision Support System (CDSS), Hydrobase, and AquaMap Data
  • Water Budget Models
  • Groundwater / MODFLOW Analysis
  • Well Drawdown Analysis
  • Permitting Assistance and Guidance