Toll gate creek & east toll gate creek (downstream of hampden) major drainageway plannings & flood hazard area delineation


Project Description

The Major Drainageway Planning and FHAD study area encompasses the Toll Gate Creek and  East Toll Gate Creek (Downstream of Hampden) watershed within the City of Aurora and Buckley Air Force Base.  Lower East Toll Gate is defined as the reach downstream of East Hampden Avenue to the confluence with West Toll Gate Creek.  At the confluence, the reach becomes Toll Gate Creek which flows to Sand Creek.  The  Approximate Boundaries of the drainage basin begin at the confluence with Sand Creek at the downstream end and extend upstream to East Hampden Avenue.  The upper reaches of the basin are largely developed with residential properties and Buckley Air Force Base while the lower basin is dominated by mixed use development.  This project is being completed on behalf of the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD), the City of Aurora, and Buckley Air Force Base for the express purpose of quantifying flood flows, identifying regional improvements, and mapping flood hazards.

East Toll Gate Creek