Our Difference

J3 maintains an exceptional record of performance by providing strong leadership and project management skills.  We begin every project by emphasizing three specific core values, which are;

  1. Performing complete project due diligence
  2. Utilizing our experience to be good stewards of our community and environment
  3. Maintaining superior quality control


Due Diligence

No project is performed without exploring every foreseeable roadblock or pitfall. Our staff is committed to getting it right the first time, with heavy attention being given to up front work so the project is headed in the right direction from the onset.  This investigation for all project types includes; maintenance, serviceability, capacity analysis, community and fiscal impacts analysis, determination of design constraints and the evaluation of stakeholder goals.  We have experience completing these items for municipalities and private developers across the Western Region.


Our engineers and staff are highly educated, having obtained post graduate degrees in engineering and planning and amassed numerous continuing education certificate/credits. Most importantly, the staff of J3 has completed the entitlement, development and construction process on a variety of project types, sizes and locations throughout the Front Range.

Quality control

Our company owners lead every project providing J3’s clients with significant attention at the highest level. In addition, no product ever leaves our office without extensive review by several professional engineers and without peer reviews. Sufficient time is budgeted to assure quality persists throughout the life of a project.  Additionally, all projects are staffed with a minimum of two professional engineers. 

Our staffing strategy allows for a collaborative design effort that draws on numerous experiences and perspectives.  Inherently, this engenders a more detailed design and the opportunity to refine concepts that allows support staff more exposure to why decisions are made.  This plays a major role in the active mentoring process discussed previously.